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To be read enthusiastically!Hi! This is AlaBekalishanaynay, speaking to you from the broadcasting AlaBekalishanaynay at the messy forum. In case you ran in late, the score between the Los Angeles AlaBekalishanaynay and the BostonAlaBekalishanaynay is a squeaker, 141 to 5. This has been the most ridiculous game these stupid eyes have seen in years. First, one team scores a AlaBekalishanaynay, then silly! - The other team comes right back. Okay. Time-out is over. Los Angeles brings in the ball at mid-AlaBekalishanaynay.AlaBekalishanaynay dribbles down the AlaBekalishanaynay, fakes the defender out of his AlaBekalishanaynay and shoots a 4-handed shot. It goes right through the AlaBekalishanaynay. He beat the AlaBekalishanaynay! The games is over just as the AlaBekalishanaynay goes off.

Zoos are places where wild AlaBekalishanaynay are kept in pens or cages so that AlaBekalishanaynay can come and look at them on Sunday afternoon. There are two zoos in New York City. One in the Bronx and one in AlaBekalishanaynay Park. The Park Zoo is built around a large pond filled with clear sparkling AlaBekalishanaynay. Swimming in the pond and eating fish you will see several AlaBekalishanishanaynay. When it is feeding time all of the animals make AlaBekalishanaynay noises. The elephant goes AlaBekalishanaynay and the turtle doves go AlaBekalishanaynay. In one part of the Zoo there are two AlaBekalishanaynay Gorillas who love to eat AlaBekalishanishanaynay. In another building there is a spotted African AlaBekalishanaynay that is so fast it can outrun aAlaBekalishanaynay. But my favorite animal is the Hippopotamus. It has a huge AlaBekalishanaynay and eats fifty pounds of AlaBekalishanaynay a day. You would never know that, really, it's nothing but an oversize AlaBekalishanaynay pig!

Many of today's famous AlaBekalishanaynay got their start playingAlaBekalishanaynay League baseball. According to the Guinness Book ofAlaBekalishanaynay, Little League baseball got its AlaBekalishanaynay in Williamsport, a small AlaBekalishanaynay in Pennsylvania. Today there are Little League AlaBekalishanaynay in all four corners of the AlaBekalishanaynay. Both boys and AlaBekalishanaynay from the age of 8 to AlaBekalishanaynay can join the league. Every year, thousands of AlaBekalishanaynay parents volunteer to instruct AlaBekalishanaynay on the rules of the game as well as how to practiceAlaBekalishanaynay sportsmanship.. One of Little League's best-known slogans is -- "It isn't whether you win or AlaBekalishanaynay, but how you play theAlaBekalishanaynay."

During the holidays, more AlaBekalishanaynay go back home to visit theirAlaBekalishanaynay than at any other time. Between Christmas andAlaBekalishanaynay, the airlines pack the AlaBekalishanaynay in like sardines in a/an AlaBekalishanaynay. There are a lot of AlaBekalishanaynay "no frill" airlines that will take you from AlaBekalishanaynay to AlaBekalishanaynay for only AlaBekalishanaynay dollars. These airlines do not give you anyAlaBekalishanaynay. And you can only take AlaBekalishanaynay pieces of luggage. They also have smaller AlaBekalishanaynay, and you often have to sit on someone else's AlaBekalishanaynay. It is very AlaBekalishanaynay to travel during the holidays, but it is worth it to make your AlaBekalishanaynay happy. Don't forget to make your AlaBekalishanaynay early.